Tulsa Private Putting Greens

The Tulsa private putting greens has always been a dream of many golfers around the country to improve their game. However, the quality and performance of these greens didn’t really mimic the play of a real putting green.

The only place you get this practice was to visit the local golf course which isn’t always available due to tee times, golf course availability, and constant greens fees.

Today the technology in artificial turf is allowing home owners to have a realistic artificial putting green designed to mimic the play and performance of a real turf putting green. Putting Greens Tulsa 2537 Preview

Sure real grass greens are available currently to the general public for their private backyard but the cost and constant maintenance doesn’t allow very many people the opportunity to experience their own green.

This is where the technology of artificial turf is changing the availability and viability of a personal putting green. This article will focus on the differences between older artificial greens and the new technology of modern artificial greens.  

The backyard putting green of old from even just ten years ago is quite a bit different than the putting greens of today.

Greens used to made of mainly nylon fibers that were placed on top of hard surfaces such as concrete or compacted gravel.

Over time the nylon fibers become matted down and the playing surface becomes very unrealistic. An example of this is your local putt putt course that either the ball chatters all over the place or is so fast that the putts become almost impossible to make.

Today there are still nylon options for putting greens and the play on them is getting better and the use for them is mainly Tulsa private putting greens, indoor putting greens and commercial ultra high traffic putt putt courses.

These greens are also one dimensional, they can only be used for putting. You can’t hit shots into them because the ball will bounce off or roll so fast that it completely shoots off the putting green. These disadvantages really hinder the play of the ball and only go so far in aiding the practice of avid golfers. 

However, there is another option for artificial backyard putting greens and with the modern technology and skilled craftsmanship you can experience virtually the same play, performance, and ball reaction that you get on a traditional golf course green.

Putting Greens Tulsa 1915 PreviewThe design of this type of these Tulsa private putting greens has been around for decades but the viability and durability of the putting surface materials in recently years has greatly improved through research in polymer based plastic. Today the plastic used in quality artificial turf holds its shape, memory, and color for years without the worry of harmful toxins and chemicals that the original plastics contained. 

The Tulsa private putting greens mentioned above is a sand filled green that mimics a traditional putting green to a tee.

You may say, I had a sand filled green twenty years ago and it wasn’t the same as a real green. Your exactly right! T

hey weren’t the same and some companies out there still make them the same as they did twenty years ago.

However, there are a few companies who have focused on improving the artificial turf game and one company has separated itself from the others, this company is Celebrity Greens. They have pioneered the the construction and work very closely with the manufactures to create the very best artificial turf products on the market.

These improvements have created a new market for homeowners and businesses to gain the same play as they do on the golf course. 

What makes these putting greens different that other sand filled greens? The short answer is the design, craftsmanship, and materials. However, it goes much deeper than that.

It requires years of experience, knowledge, close partnerships with manufactures, and the game of golf at heart. Putting Greens Tulsa 2813

Many companies claim that they do all of these things mentioned above but when it really comes down to it the quality, customer reviews, and PGA golfers endorsements really tell you the difference between a Celebrity Green and the others on the market.

This all starts with design, without a great design you end up with a very plain, flat, and lack luster putting green that you will never see on a golf course.

Our Tulsa private Putting greens come in very many shapes, sizes, and styles but they all have one thing in common, they aren’t flat.

They have undulations, curves, humps, dips, and swells. So if your putting green design doesn’t mimic a real putting green then you are already behind in creating a realistic green. This aspect of a Celebrity Green is the first step that separates them from the competition.

Second, the craftsmanship is a major differentiator in building a putting green. There are hundreds of fine details that go into building the best putting greens from the proper removal of organic matter, construction of the base, ensuring proper shedding of water, placement of the holes, seaming of the underlayment, shape of the putting surface, seaming of the green, sanding of the green, and the finishing touches.

Skipping any these steps or half doing any of the work will greatly affect the quality and longevity of the putting greens performance and play. Finally, the materials used in the construction of the putting green play a large roll in the final product. It doesn’t matter how good the design and craftsmanship is if the materials used aren’t any good then end result will be a poor quality putting green.

Putting Greens Tulsa 1747 PreviewThat is why Celebrity Greens focuses so much time working with manufacturers and suppliers to develop products specifically for putting greens. This focus on quality and partnerships with the manufactures creates a true market advantage to ensure the customer gets the highest quality putting green with the best materials on the market that are thoroughly tested before they make it to the end user.  

This same quality is available all over North America by and extensive next work of authorized dealers. Here in Oklahoma, Living Water Outdoor Services is the local Celebrity Greens dealer. They are willing, ready, and able to tackle a putting green in your backyard from a small green tucked away in a corner to a massive putting green taking up several thousand square feet.