We Love The Outdoors



In life, seasons change. Summer turns into fall, winter moves into spring. Life slows down and then it picks up. At Living Water Outdoor Services, we’re a landscaping and artificial turf Tulsa company built on consistency. No matter theseason of life you’re in, we remain constant.

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can call us anytime, anywhere in the city of Tulsa, and we’ll be there to serve you with excellence! 

Our Tulsa landscaping team enjoys working outdoors. We love seeing crisp lawns, beautiful clean pool waters and smelling the fresh air; air free from pollutants. Yes, being outdoors brings us much joy! 

We bring a friendly attitude when we arrive at our customers’ homes (you may even hear us whistling). Our aim is to treat our landscaping Tulsa clients with the best lawn care services — no matter how big or small their need is. 

For example, if a pool’s water is dirty and needs to be cleaned before a big party or lack of rain has left grass patchy, we’ll promptly arrive ready to provide our customers with quality results. You’ll find us a dependable team to call upon!

And that’s why you can rely on us. We place a high priority on customer service (see our five-star reviews on Google!).

Our company has many incredible values. At the top of our list is quality and honesty. We breathe it and we practice it. And we also hold dear this good principle: we treat our neighbors as we treat ourselves. When you call us, you can expect the very best and nothing less!

For example, when we see a neighbor’s lawn covered with dandelions, scattered with dirt patches or overgrown grass, compassion moves us to help. That’s why we exist, to provide others with professional lawn care experience that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. 

Our years of experience in the landscaping Tulsa industry has led us to develop a stronger understanding of the best treatments practices and products. There are many options on the market and our team is very selective about the products we used to treat weeds and fertilize your lawn. You and your family’s safety is our highest concern. 

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We provide services that’ll restore grass to a good condition and keep the exterior of homes looking beautiful. That’s why we exist, to provide others with professional lawn care experiences that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. In addition, we provide pool maintenance services that make a significant difference. When a landscaping Tulsa customer calls us, we’re giving them the opportunity to focus on what matters the most — caring for their families and their careers. 

In other words, we give homeowners, business owners, and property managers a break. A break from using their time to remove pet waste, clean the pool, or fertilize the grass. Living Water Outdoor Services enjoys serving others with best products and wisdom. Choosing to hire an expert for your lawn care services can be an opportunity for you to take a break and make room in your schedule for something else.   

Of course, we’ll bring landscaping solutions you’ll love. We’ll restore the health of their lawn without you having to do any dirty work. Life gets busy and we understand. It’s daunting to think about the continual maintenance of your lawn care during a busy life schedule. You have an incredible responsibility of caring for family, going to doctor’s appointments, school meetings, and running a business. It’s overwhelming to think about mowing the lawn or researching the best weed destroying products. 

That’s where we come in.  



We’re obsessed with the health of your lawn. When you call us for an appointment, you’ll speak with a representative that’ll gladly answer your questions and set up a time for an expert to visit your home. Our team values your time. We’ll make sure we provide you with a good evaluation and give you solutions that help you reach your goals. Then we’ll begin moving ahead with the services you desire.

It’s our Tulsa landscaping goal to carry out your vision. We’re not in the business of serving ourselves, but others. Another belief we hold dearly is “do to others what you would have them do to you.” (Matthew 7:12). We’re a Christian owned company and we strive to practice it every day. 

Serving others in our city is important. We’re a locally owned company; a company that has established a great reputation in the city of Tulsa for years.  It is our goal to ensure that we are providing you with services that allow you to enjoy life and have a beautiful home.

Sometimes in life the unexpected can happen. That’s why we’re available when you need us. Our company is readily available to serve you 24 hours or 7 days a week. Sometimes an emergency may arise and you need a technician to arrive late in the evening. You can count on us! We understand, you can’t always predict when an emergency will happen and it’s easy to worry about the future. You can choose to give our team a call. We’re dependable even during unforeseen challenges. 

Hiring and training the best technicians allows us to bring the best answers when you need us. Without a strong team that’s continually learning and growing, we simply can’t fulfill our goal to treat our neighbors as we treat ourselves. Sloppy work never builds trust or customer loyalty. We stay away from any type of poor quality workmanship. When we expect the best of ourselves, we expect to provide the best for others. 

It’s our standard. Excellence is a word we’re very familiar with; we put it into practice every day. At Living Water Services Outdoor, you’ll find a team of people who strive to over deliver on every job assignment. We’ll send a text ahead of time letting you know which technician is on their way. Our techs will stay late to make sure it’s done correctly. In fact, when we show up, we’re ready to go the extra mile.  

Of course, we wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it. We’re a company of integrity. Our Google reviews are positive. We have over 800  reviews with a five-star rating. Here is what one of customers said about our team: 

“My first time using this company and I am very glad I did. I highly recommended them from the Facebook Neighborhood page where I was looking for someone to help with my sprinkler system. The Technician was very professional, knowledgeable and explained everything he was doing right up front.” – Jeano, Google Review.

Come experience the same. Our technicians work hard to provide you with the best solutions to the toughest problems. For example, has the growth of your grass been stagnant this year? No worries, we have your solution! Struggling to get rid of weeds? Yes, we have answers! When you need consistency, dependability, and honesty, Living Water Outdoor Services provides it!

We look forward to hearing from you! Our technicians are ready to serve you at your earliest convenience, and provide you with a worthwhile experience.