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Living Water has been installing the best private putting green Tulsa has seen. Do you want a putting green in your own backyard? Let us help you!
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If you need the best artificial turf Tulsa has…you need to give us a call. No job is too big or too small. We are the leading supplier of artificial turf Tulsa products.

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Putting Greens 

Who doesn’t want a putting green in their backyard? We install private putting greens for Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso, and surrounding areas.


Artificial Grass Lawns 

Trusted artificial turf Tulsa installers can be hard to come by. With us, you remove the worry and distrust. We will show up when we say we will, and we will get the job done.

Artificial Grass Playgrund Surfaces

Padded Playground

The artificial turf services that we offer can also be used to provide some amazing padded surfaces for playgrounds to keep the kids safe.

Pet Turf Dog Runs

Dog Runs & Pet Turf

Your 4 legged family members deserve the best. If you need a company that provides dog runs and turf that is amazing for pets…give us a call

Sports Turf

Sports Fields

Need some Tulsa artificial turf for a sports field? The highly trained and experienced team at Living Water has you covered!

Commercial Landscaping With Artificial Grass

Commercial Grass

If you need some of the best commercial grass Tulsa has, we can and will provide it for you.

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Made From Only the Best Turf Possible

There are many reasons why one would need some artificial turf Tulsa services. Playgrounds, your own personal putting greens, dog runs and more. Whatever the reason for needing some artificial turf, we have the solution and the experience and expertise to complete each job. Call us today and let the professionals at Living Water help you with any and all of your needs.

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Advantages of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is quickly gaining market share in the landscaping space across the country and its viability is replacing natural grass as a permanent fixture in the backyards across Tulsa.

The introduction of artificial turf began in 1966 at the AstroDome which helped coin the term Astroturf for many decades.

In the 1990’s artificial turf became more prominent in American homes generally across the western states. Today, artificial turf Tulsa is being installed all over from backyards, to side yards, pet runs, and putting greens.

The quality and safety of today’s turf is also improving due to the expanded technology in plastics and polymers.

The safety aspects in the chemicals used to produce the turf has changed as the turf of the 90’s used lead which has been found toxic to dogs and humans.

Due to these improvements and the viability of artificial turf more people have access to the amazing aspects of turf. This article will focus on the advantages of artificial turf from maintenance to aesthetics and why artificial turf may be the right fit for your home or business. 

The maintenance of artificial turf in the simplest sense is down right easy!

Sure there are many extra things you can do to make your turf last longer but in the general sense turf will last for years with virtually nothing done to maintain it.

However, if you want your artificial turf Tulsa to look its best and tap into its full longevity there are some simple things you can do to keep it looking its best.

First, keep organic matter from sitting on top of the turf for long periods of time.

This can include grass, leaves, pine needles, pet waste, and trash.

The organic matter overtime can cause the plastics to break down faster and cause the UV properties built into the turf to degrade at a faster rate.

The organic matter can also cause the turf to stain or change colors causing your turf to look splotchy. The color change doesn’t happen overnight so there is no need to worry about getting to the leaves falling on your artificial turf Tulsa right away but if left on there for long periods of time the organic matter will break down and bury itself down in the turf.

How you might ask, do you keep this from happening?

Simply use a hand held or backpack blower to push leaves, grass, and pine needles off of the turf.

The reason you want to use a blower to remove the organic plant matter is it keeps a rake or broom from breaking up the plant matter into little pieces that can get embedded deep into the turf.

The pet waste and trash needs to be regularly picked up and properly disposed of.

Pet waste contains acids and other natural chemicals that will affect turf so pet waste should be removed weekly if possible.

If your turf does get dirty remove the organic matter and simply wash the turf off with a water hose or sprinkler system. This will take care of the dust and dirt trapped on the blades of grass giving you a fresh looking deep green lawn.

Now, if you really want to keep your lawn looking great and as good as new, hire a turf company to do special maintenance.

The companies have special machines that remove the dirt and debris trapped deep down in the turf and leave your grass looking its best.

This can be done as often as quarterly for best results, but at a minimum yearly will get you good results.

Locally, in Tulsa, Living Water Outdoor Services is an excellent company for all your turf needs. They install, maintain, and offer only the best turf and private putting green Tulsa products on the market that are made in the USA, no cheap foreign imported turf is used by LWOS. 

The aesthetics of artificial turf is another amazing advantage to convert your lawn from natural grass to turf. Artificial turf is always green, it doesn’t grow, doesn’t need fertilizers, and rarely needs watered.

This creates several advantages in different areas of the yard where natural grass would wear down or have dirt spots appear due to high traffic.

Turf is a great alternative to mowing and lawn maintenance.

Just imagine the hours saved from not having to cut and trimming the lawn, not having to hire a weed control and fertilization company, or maintain a sprinkler system and spend countless dollars watering your lawn during the hot summer months to keep it looking green and thick.

You create an area that requires little maintenance, yet looks fantastic year around.

Another advantage to turf is when it rains or the weather turns colder the yard doesn’t become unusable for periods of time.

After a rainstorm normal grass stays wet for long periods of time and the ground below becomes mushy and mud develops.

Little children get covered in mud and green grass stains their clothing. With our artificial turf Tulsa, the surface drains and dries quickly, mud doesn’t develop, and you can get back to enjoying your yard almost instantly.

In the winter months, natural grass turns brown and releases its blades of grass causing pets, children, and shoes to be covered in dead grass each time they go outside.

With artificial turf the yard stays green and nothing sticks to you or your pets keeping your house or business cleaner.

Your yard becomes usable for virtually the entire year with very little down time keeping your family, pets, and friends outside enjoying the fresh air day after day. 

Now with the advantages of artificial turf clearly laid out you can see why turf is becoming more and more popular across the country.

The ease of maintenance and reduced down time makes your yard more inviting and usable for many outdoor activities throughout the year.

You might ask, can I really afford turf in my backyard?

The right question really should be how can you not afford to have turf. It saves you so much time and gives you more time outside.

Can you really put a price on your time with family, pets, friends? 

Sure, artificial turf is an investment, but if you look at the lack of maintenance, time savings, water savings, and usability you can clearly see the money spent on turf is well worth the investment for years to come. 

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