Tulsa Artificial Turf

Artificial turf Tulsa is gaining popularity around the country and Its uses are constantly expanding as people use their creative side to fuel new inventive ways to use turf.

Many uses are very common and most people would say that makes complete sense but some uses are interesting yet work amazingly well. This article will focus on the history of turf as well as some common and unusual uses for turf.

Then briefly discus how these different uses are beneficial and are making a positive impact on the consumer. 

Artificial turf has been around for more than sixty years. David Chaney led a team of researchers at NC State College of Textiles to create the first notable artificial turf.

Sports Illustrated even recognized Chaney as the man responsible for indoor turf and millions of welcome mats. private-putting-greens-tulsa

The first artificial turf was installed in 1964 in a recreational area at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island.

However, artificial turf didn’t gain prominence with the public until 1966 when AstroTurf was installed in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

This stadium was state-of-the-art and really paved the way for artificial grass. The use of artificial grass gained national popularity by the early 1970’s and was mainly used for indoor and outdoor baseball and football stadiums across the United States and Canada.

As of 2018, more than 11,000 fields have been installed nationally and more and more are being installed daily.

Today, it is very common to see artificial turf Tulsa at local high schools, even rural towns are switching to turf fields for all their sports fields such as baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and soft ball to name a few. 

This popularity and prominence in athletic fields has led to the development of turf used for municipal areas, personal residences, play grounds, concert venues, and businesses.

Many municipalities have added turf to parks, common areas and amphitheaters. This greatly reduces the maintenance requirements for the areas and makes for a much cleaner product for visitor of the venues.

This also holds true for home owners as they artificial turf Tulsa areas of their yard to improve function, reduce mud, and maintain a beautiful deep green yard year around while still allowing natural water to seep back down into the ground.

This permeable surface reduces environmental concerns and allows home owners, municipalities, and business to gain functionality of areas but not reduce the green space foot print requirements set by many city and state governments.

Turfing playgrounds is also becoming popular for many reasons such as eliminating the mulch, sand, or pea gravel constantly being kicked out of the play areas or the deep impressions dug into the ground around swings and the bottom of slides.

Further, padding can be added under the turf to create a softer landing area incase people fall from the playground equipment. Concert venues and outdoor amphitheaters also use turf to line sitting areas or walkways to reduce wear in the heavily foot trafficked areas.

These overall improvements in the areas listed above help improve our lives and make areas more usable during different seasons and more quicky after inclement weather. 

Pet turf in more recent years has really gained popularity with dog owners.

Many people line their dog runs or the side of their houses with artificial turf for multiple purposes. First, the turf keeps pets from digging holes in the yard which helps maintain the shape of your yard.

Second, the pet turf doesn’t get worn down like grass thus removing the mud and grass clipping being tracked all over your house. Finally, pet waste is easier to deal with as feces can simply be picked up off of the turf.

Turf is generally a little stiffer than grass so the feces will stay on top of the turf causing it to dry quicker than on the ground making it easier to clean up and remove.

Anything left over can simply be washed off with water and the anti-microbial properties of the turf and infill take over to reduce or eliminate the awful smells that you can experience with pet waste. 

Many Uses For Our Artificial Turf Tulsa Services!

Artificial putting greens, hitting mats, and chipping mats are yet another use for artificial turf. The growing popularity and the ease of maintenance are making artificial turf the best and most sought-after way to make personal putting greens around the country. Hitting mats are a great use for short pile turf.

You see this used at driving ranges, in golf simulators, and practice facilities around the country.

Top Golf uses short pile hitting mats in each of their hitting bays and their driving range field and greens are made from artificial turf. Chipping mats are similar to hitting mats but of a different length to simulate hitting out of buckers and rough.

Outdoor seating areas can also be lined with artificial turf Tulsa solutions. This use is more like a rug you would use indoor but creates a nice area to rest your feet outdoors. People use them on their back patios, outside of travel trailers and RV’s, or under picnic table in their favorite spots to eat.

They can also be used to make door mats.

The turf fibers are great for cleaning off your shoes and feet, plus they are simple to clean by dumping them out and washing them off. 

Now for some more interesting uses for artificial turf. Here recently people have began using turf to line the inside of their chicken nesting boxes. Traditional nesting materials get kicked out by the chickens and needs changed regularly due to chicken poop.

artificial-turf-tulsa-1312760160 612x612

The turf keeps the chickens from kicking out the bedding yet still provides a soft place for the chickens to nestle down and lay their eggs. Clean-up is a breeze, if the chicken’s poop on the turf you simply lift up the turf and knock off the poop.

Just as the dog poop dries quickly on the turf the chicken poop will as well creating a much longer lasting bedding that is easy to clean and yet very economical. 

With these many uses for turf and more being developed yearly it clear to see why turf is becoming popular in many facets around the country.