Private Putting Green Tulsa, Changing the Game

There are several different types of private putting green Tulsa on the market today with several companies installing them throughout the world.

Everyone claims their putting green is the best but in reality the customers decides which putting green harnesses the title.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of artificial turf putting greens and the reasons you should consider installing a Celebrity Greens Putting Green in your backyard, vacation property, or business.

The artificial turf Tulsa quality and technology has greatly improved over the last few decades.

Today many turf products look like real grass and they keep getting better year after year. private-putting-greens-tulsa

The longevity of turf, as long as it is maintained, is approximately 20 years with today’s improvements in plastics, dyes, and resins.

The look of turf has not only improved but so has the feel, texture, and density.

Over the years turf has been gaining popularity and even municipalities in drought or low annual rainfall areas are paying consumers money to convert their lawn to artificial turf in order to save precious resources.

As a result of the improvements in turf many other uses for turf have been developed from putting greens, sports fields, pet turf, and playground turf.

This turf improvement has taken playing golf on a natural grass putting green to an artificial Tulsa private putting green to greater heights and the technology today allows the consumer to have the same performance of the golf course in their own backyard.

The private putting green Tulsa is quickly becoming one of the favorite additions to many backyards around the country for the golf enthusiast.

The quality and play of artificial turf allows the homeowner and the professional to get the same results and practice as if they are playing at their favorite golf course.

There are several different types of putting greens on the market today, however, not all of them are created equal.

The three main types of greens are nylon greens, short pile greens, and sand filled greens.

The type of green you install depends on what you want your green to be able to do.

Nylon greens and short pile greens are great for putting but they are limited to just putting.

Their main advantage is their durability and ease of maintenance.

They also can be installed effectively indoors and provide the consumer with access during inclement weather.

tulsa-private-putting-greensAnother advantage is the ability to do other things on your green such as play games (ie…corn hole or ladder ball) without worrying about damaging the green. The disadvantage of nylon and short pile putting greens is the size of the green is limited due to the inability of seaming the products together and the inability of accepting chip shots or drives.

Sand filled greens on the other hand, have several more advantages compared to nylon and short pile greens.

There are a few disadvantages as well but the pros definitely outweigh the cons, especially for an avid golfer or golf pro.

First, the disadvantages of sand filled greens are the necessary maintenance and the ability to damage the green by using it for other purposes than golf.

The maintenance includes blowing off leaves and grass to remove organic matter from the turf and keeping the turf from having heavy or blunt objects damage the turf.

The advantages are far superior to the cons, and these create a golf experience that, just a few years ago, was unavailable to the general public.

First, several companies have tried to create successful sand filled greens but only one company has cracked the code to allow consumers and professionals to play and practice just as if they were at the local golf course.

This company is Celebrity Greens, and the process they developed is far superior to their competitors.

Multiple PGA golfers and golf pros have Celebrity Greens installed in their private homes and facilities giving them the competitive edge over their competition.

The PGA has recently opened an entire training facility made completely from artificial turf using the Celebrity Greens process and materials creating a one of a kind training platform.

What makes a Celebrity Green so special? It’s their patented sand and pad along with science, state of the art equipment, and attention to detail that set a Celebrity Green apart from other competitors.

The patented developments complemented with the best quality products and processes allow consumers and professionals alike to play on the very best putting greens available on the market today.

No one else’s putting greens on the market today can accept shots from 200- 300 and their putting green reacts like a real grass green. The first time you hit a shot into a Celebrity Green and the ball checks up onto the green,just like a real grass green, you will be a customer for life.

The benefits of a Celebrity Green private putting green Tulsa don’t stop there.

The green can be customized to any shape or style and Celebrity Greens can build putting greens in areas other companies won’t even try to tackle.

The putting surface is customizable as well, and can be made in any size or shape the customer desires.

The speed of the putting surface can also be controlled from a stimpmeter speed of 8-20 which allows the green to adhere to each individual’s golf skill and ability.

No other putting green can do so many different things and be completely customizable to the consumers needs and abilities.

The speeds can also be changed over time as the golfer improves his or her game.

Nationwide there are currently 60+ dealers/installers serving different areas of the country.

Here in Oklahoma, Living Water Outdoor Services is the only authorized installer of the coveted Celebrity Greens.

This partnership with Living Water is continuing to grow and the success of sand filled greens in the great State of Oklahoma increases each month.

These great developments in artificial turf and amazing companies like Celebrity Greens pioneering the science of putting greens is greatly changing the competition of golfers around the country.

This coupled with the local installer, Living Water Outdoor Services, and the national partnerships allow individuals to play and practice on the same quality putting greens the PGA golf pros use everyday to improve their game and competitive advantage.