Pioneers of the Tulsa Artificial Turf Movement

We have spent countless years learning more about the Tulsa artificial turf industry. We have done tons of research and after a decade of installing and researching we have really become the highest rated and most reviewed artificial grass and putting green installation company in the Oklahoma area.

Oklahoma is gaining a lot of golf interest as of lately and so many people are getting private putting greens put in their own home. This is a great way for you to be able to get a lot more experience without going all the way to the golf course.

You can work on your swing and be ready so that when the season starts you are going to be blowing everyone out of the water with a very low handicap. if you do want to lower your handicap and get better at golf than you definitely want to come here.

Are you wanting to get around handicap 4 or handicap 7? We can help you do that. We love being able to help people work on their golf game but also we love being able to install Tulsa artificial turf and give them the chance to spend more time with their family.

People are going to be very happy whenever it’s storming outside and they are supposed to have a birthday party the next day and they realize that since they have artificial turf they don’t have to worry about the mud and the yard and making a mess everywhere throughout their home.

This is revolutionary for many parents!

If you have children that are tracking mud and dirt and bugs in and out of your home and artificial turf can help cut down on that right away. You will be not only saving on time cleaning and grooming the inside of your home and the outside of your home but also you’ll be putting money back in your pocket from having to buy all the supplies to do so.

We are one of the most amazing companies that does Outdoor Services in Oklahoma because we have a great gift back program and truly have a bigger reason for building this business than just simply making grass go away.

We want you to know that we truly have a dedication to the Oklahoma area and the people in it and have built a give back program based on helping support the building of homes for people trying to rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol. We want to be able to help support those people because many times society forgets about them and writes them off. We want to help save those lives and help the Lord in providing hope.

We are so excited this year to really help grow that family time in people’s homes and offer as many artificial turfs as we can. We want you to be able to take your weekend back and take back those times that you’ve had to have memories. so many times kids will look back and I know I have as a child at the times I had on the weekends with my parents and having cookouts.

Get back to those times get back to appreciating each other and we can help you do that right here at

Bringing Families Together Through Tulsa Artificial Turf??

I know no family that doesn’t enjoy spending time together. People want to be able to be together and we want to help them do that.  We want to be able to offer you Time Savings and money savings. We offer so many great opportunities when it comes to getting that artificial turf that we can landscape around it and create a real Oasis for you Outdoors so that when you are at home you feel inspired and actually enjoy being in your home.

There really is no better place or better time to get this done then right now. With family time becoming scarce it’s important that you set aside time and have time with your family.  We are helping you do that by again offering the opportunity for you to not have any outdoor maintenance time associated with your weekends.

Also we say it all the time but if you have children that run in and out of your home this can also cut down on having mud and dirt from the outdoors coming in. Artificial turfs do not use any type of natural media and so you don’t have to worry about mud or dirt being used and causing pesky pests to invade your yard.

Many people have had problems with gophers and other pests in the Oklahoma area that get in their yard and they absolutely hate it and we have a way around it. If you can work with us we can help you so that we can cut down on all of those pests and really alleviate any issue of pests within your yard.

Don’t hesitate any longer because the longer you wait the less savings you get. We want to help you save that time and money right now. Let’s get on with it.

Let us show you more about the artificial turf process. We love being able to educate our clientele before we actually get the yard installed for them just so they have peace of mind knowing that we explained everything in detail and they feel comfortable going ahead with the process. 

We also allow you to really be involved throughout the design process so that you not only feel comfortable knowing that it’s been designed the way that you want but you feel good about knowing that you helped create the design and it was your vision that we really did bring to life. Bringing to life people’s vision is really the biggest thing that we do.

We want to be able to really capture what it is that you’re wanting from a backyard and help you achieve that through outdoor Landscaping and artificial grass. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our process at