Pet Waste Removal

Get Quality Tulsa Pet Waste Removal

“We’ll clean up the mess, so you don’t have to!” 

Pets are precious. You can enjoy playing fetch in the backyard or a game of tug-a-war. They are wonderful furry friends. And those precious furry friends can also bring much responsibility, which includes faithfully scooping up their poop. 

And that’s where we come in. We are the Tulsa pet waste removal team with a scooper. Living Water Outdoor Services loves cleaning up stinky messes. We enjoy scooping up the poop, so you don’t have too.

Life can get busy and you may find yourself unable to get to the task of cleaning up behind your favorite furry friend. Our team understands this is an important task to get done. The health of your lawn depends on it and it’s something that can be easily overlooked because of common misconceptions about pet waste. 

One of the most important reasons to clean up waste is because it can be harmful to your grass. It is a common misconception that dog waste can fertilize the grass. It’s simply not true. It doesn’t have the proteins needed to help grass grow, unlike cow maneuvers. Instead, it has toxins that can hurt the growth of grass.

Our Tulsa pet waste removal mission is simple: we keep yards tidy and beautiful. We want to help your grass feel healthy and flourishing. Even better, we’ve been doing this for years. Keeping people’s lawns looking amazing and giving them the best tips and advice to ensure it stays that way for a long time is what we’re all about. 

Giving our neighbors a helping hand reflects one of the greatest values. The value of doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us. In other words, we understand life gets busy and we want to help our neighbors accomplish those least desirable tasks on their to-do list. Yes, getting rid of pet poop. 

We enjoy it. Whether it’s raining or humid outdoors, our team of professionals arrives ready to help make your life easier. Our goal is to leave you feeling satisfied that we’ve picked up every piece of feces and properly disposed of it. 

Pet removal waste isn’t a job you’ll have to worry about performing on any day of the week. We’re available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our professional team will arrive when you need us. We’ll schedule a visit to come out to your home and remove all your pet waste as often as you like. This will keep your lawn looking amazing and smelling incredible.

When you’re looking for a pet waste removal company, you want to go with one that you can count on. Dependability is important. Did you know we go the extra mile for our Tulsa pet waste removal customers? For example, when you give us a call, we’ll stay to get the job accomplished no matter how long it takes. We will never rush through any job nor will disrespect your time. Our goal is to serve you with excellence. 

Let’s share five reasons why we are a great company you can call when you’re looking for pet waste removal services. There are many options and it can be tempting to do it yourself. Calling on a professional team can save yourself energy and time. With life already busy, it’s good to leave the cleaning up of messes to those who enjoy doing it for you. Discover why we’re a great choice for accomplishing Tulsa pet waste removal and everything you need and more for the outdoors. 

What Care You Expect From Our Team


With our team you can count on a reliable team. From the very start we build trust. We send you a photo of the technician, their name, and their expected arrival time. This gives you the confidence of knowing who will be arriving and when you can expect them. We’ll also give the technician’s name as well. Building trust happens before we even arrive because our goal is to build a relationship with our clients.  

Personalized Services

Giving you personalized services for pet removal is important to us. Every home is different and so are their needs. We will never give you cook cutter services or overlook your immediate needs or concerns. We’ll address the problems you’re facing and give you the best solutions to ensure your home will be taken care of. It us, you’re never just a number. You are someone we value and want to treat with the utmost respect. 

An Experienced Team

We hire the best technicians. We also understand growth is vital to a team’s success. We’re also always growing and learning. Even when we do our best, we’re looking at ways we can improve to leave our customers feeling as though they got more than they expected. Our goal is to always over-deliver and it comes from continued growth and setting higher goals. 


As we mentioned earlier, our technicians are ready to serve you when it best fits your schedule. We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your days can get busy and you simply don’t have time to have someone come out during the day, but the evening works perfectly for you. We’ll get the best time for you on our schedule and arrive at your home prepared to accomplish what you need done. 

An Excellent Company

If you’re like most people, then you’re looking for a company that has excellent reviews. You’ll find we bring you over 800 positive Google reviews. Our clients are telling not only their friends and family, but the world about our remarkable services. We strive to over-deliver on every job and leave our customers feeling satisfied. When you’re wondering what’s in store for you, you’ll find it through our exceptional reviews. We can tell others how good we are, but we rather let our customers read about it from others. 

Our Team Is Eager To Serve You! 

We look forward to hearing from you. Pet removal waste isn’t an ideal job for anyone. It smells, it’s dirty, and not always convenient to pick up. We would love to help you with this no matter if the waste is small or if it’s a lot. Our team is up for the challenge and we would love to help you reach your goals.